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A leading global platform, Bitcoin Rush App has every resource to keep the bitcoin lover hooked! In the next few sections, we will try to understand why exactly this app stands out.

The Bitcoin Rush App Is a Globally Recognized Platform

Excellent Performance

Over the last couple of years, the Bitcoin Rush app has revolutionized the digital world by coming up with some of the best and leading trading robots. Thanks to these robots, using the app is even easier. Leading clients across the globe have sent in positive testimonials for our exceptional service and even cooler navigation options. Check out Trustpilot to view our latest ratings.

Advanced Technology

Powered by the latest AI and blockchain technologies, our app caters to all your requirements. Thanks to our AI-powered robots, every bit of information is collected from huge volumes of data, which further helps maintain the best-in-class performance in all types of markets. Blockchain is especially relevant here because it ensures that the trading environment is completely transparent.

Easy Controls and Navigations

This is yet another feature you would love about the Bitcoin Rush. Thanks to this tool, Bitcoin trading is even easier and a tad more lucrative. When you start using this app, you would benefit better than just purchasing the same coins from an exchange platform. Thanks to our advanced trading system, you can trade at ease on any device. Thanks to the cross-compatibility mechanism of our platform, you can access it practically everywhere. So, whether you're looking to browse the web, or check out the site from your mobile- with our user-friendly, navigable interface, you can do it all!

Why trade with Bitcoin Rush?

Unlike other trading platforms, Bitcoin Rush is tailored for beginners who are just getting started. So, if you fall in this category, you might want to check out the program. As of now, the platform has successfully coached thousands of customers, so that they finally gain the client freedom they always deserved. The biggest benefit? You can just deposit a mere $250 and generate $750 from your initial deposit right away! Your returns will only get bigger, and your profits will be more than ever.

Thanks to blockchain, our trading ecosystem is completely transparent, and we never make any false claims! Your transactions are extremely hassle-free, and it will only get you a couple of minutes to get you started. Currently, our company operates five different jurisdictions and here we primarily deal with tier-one broking professionals. With these brokers in place, we have a clear bridge between the customer and the existing markets. These parties follow the best-in-class practices to ensure the safest trading ecosystem for the end-user. One such facility is deposit segregation which makes your transactions even more transparent.

We are a license-free company operating in 165 nations across the globe. So, if you live in either of these locations, contact us right away for an excellent trading experience. As mentioned already, you will already have a trading capital of $250 and you can withdraw your profits up to a maximum of 10 times a month. However, if you want to withdraw your profits for the 11th time you might need to incur a short fee of 1%. Currently, you can withdraw around $50,000 against every single transaction.

Trade Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin Rush

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are you a reputable platform?

Yes! Bitcoin Rush is one of the most reputable platforms there is. You will find thousands of positive customer testimonials on several leading feedback aggregator platforms including TrustPilot. At Trustpilot, we come with a rating of 4.6 out of 5.

2. What is the minimum investment amount?

At the Bitcoin rush, your minimum investment amount will be $250. With this minimal deposit, you can make several thousands of dollars within a couple of months. According to our metrics, at least 205 of our total userbase have enjoyed the maximum profits from our platform.

3. What is your threshold for being profitable?

Our ROI is in close relation to the best practices of bitcoin trading. So, if you are following the trading guide the right way, you are pretty much covered. You also need to consider the market conditions because unless the market gains some degree of stability you won't gain your expected profit. Alternatively, you can try trading when the market is at its peak volatility to make the most from your deposit amount.

4. Is the bitcoin rush worth investing in?

If you're wondering whether you should even consider investing in Bitcoin Rush, we will tell you why. Over the last couple of months, bitcoin prices have been at an all-time high. This was almost similar to the boom witnessed during 2017. According to the expert verdict of analysts and other professionals, the value of bitcoin will soar to $100k by June-July in the coming year. So, if you have some time and $250 in hand, start investing right away to make the most of your money.

5. What fees do you charge?

Currently, we are in the final year of our beta testing period. So, our unlicensed product is soon to be licensed which means you need to pay a small fee. If you are smart enough to sign up within this last leg, you can go off without paying the license fee.

6. Is this company a scam or some dangerous scheme?

Absolutely not! Bitcoin Rush is a dedicated trading platform and it certainly doesn't operate like a scam. Contrary to some critics, it isn't a Ponzi or similar type of marketing scheme either. The platform is powered by the best technologies in bitcoin trading and over time it has proved to be highly legitimate and viable. As with every type of trading, there is a degree of risk. But that is exactly what trading is all about. Unless you risk some, you can never enjoy the kind of gain you expected.

An in-depth look into Bitcoin Rush

How does your platform work?

If you're planning to trade on Bitcoin Rush for the first time, we will make it easier for you with this simple guide. Because our company is fully automated, it will barely take you a couple of minutes to start trading. Currently, people living in the following nations can access our platform:

· Europe

· North America

· Australia

· Middle East

· Africa

But how exactly do you start trading here? Just follow the below steps:

1) Get started by filling out our simple registration form. Just click the Register now option and fill out the required details. Next, when your account is ready, you will be immediately matched with a local broker who has partnered with us. To confirm your identity, send in proper identity proof to these individuals.

2) Next, as we previously mentioned, you need to make a minimum deposit of $250 to get started. After this, give us some time to process your details and credentials.

3) During this time, you can take a short tour checking out our platform from your dedicated demo account. Here, you can also play around with virtual cash of $10,000 to get a live and realistic feel of the trading.

4) Finally, once you're done with the demo we are certain that you can use and handle the platform properly. It'll barely take you 15 minutes to set the entire account. Thanks to our dedicated algorithms, the trading is performed seamlessly and the profits are automatically deposited to your account.

What is Bitcoin Rush all about?

At this point, you probably know that Bitcoin Rush is a leading trading platform that leverages AI to bet on the right bitcoin price swing. The computer algorithm is excellent, to say the least, and it automatically studies and implements market trends the right way. What's more, it also offers perfect predictions about potential prices with maximum accuracy. This is also the reason why several beginners rely on our platform. Thanks to our intuitive interface and user-friendly demos, you can start trading in minutes even without any prior experience. At the end of it all, you will enjoy the kind of financial freedom you always wanted.

Facts you didn't know about us

We offer a unique trading experience powered by a profitability rate not witnessed anywhere else in the industry. Here are some exciting facts about our system.

  • Our trading experience is truly unique, and the rate of profitability is at its highest
  • To make our platform user-friendly and accessible to all, we have denied several agreements with larger corporations that initially intended to buy us.
  • Over the last 365 days, we have already completed 500,000 registrations and the majority of that is still active.
Did Elon Musk just endorse us?

Rumor is rife suggesting Elon Musk has already invested millions on our platform. While it is certainly correct that Musk has exhibited deep enthusiasm and encouragement for bitcoin as a technology, he hasn't made any similar commitment to us yet. The same rumor also applies to Richard Branson who hasn't invested in our platform. We are extremely confidential when it comes to handling client contacts, we take this with utmost seriousness. That is why none of our investor details are ever publicly disclosed at any point. If you've been hearing such rumors, avoid them as they are primarily false.

Bitcoin Rush Review – The Verdict!

We have been around for over three years and have managed to build a huge user base. A good number of those who have registered with us within the three years are still trading with us. Bitcoin Rush has a lot of success stories with most of the reviews on the internet, indicating that we are highly profitable.

Our users are also satisfied with our trading platforms and customer services. You can automate all the bitcoin trading functions with us, including withdrawals and reinvestments.

Try us now by signing up below. All trading carries risk.

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